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Make Sure Your House is Not Just Clean but Amazingly Clean

    In our line of work, we get to talk with a lot of homeowners. Just like you, they love the way a beautifully-cleaned home looks. They also love the way they feel when they open a door and it’s fresh and naturally clean. They’ll never get tired of looking at sparkling appliances that seem brand new. They like having bright, gleaming floors. They hate dust.

So it’s only natural that they ask us for tips from time to time. Well, as a public service to all our customers and friends, here are some of the best-kept housecleaning secrets we’ve divulged over the years to homeowners like yourself.

1. Don’t Just Dust Your Furniture: Polish It!

Almost all of us here at CMB had a grandmother who diligently polished her furniture. Dusting was a regular event but polishing was about three times a year. She’d bring out the glass bottle of polish that smelled vaguely of petroleum products and start polishing her way to perfection, despite the strong odors. It was worth it, though. Her wooden furniture glowed with warmth and made the room feel extra special.

Of course, we use modern, safe, eco-friendly polish when we polish client furniture. And we’ll admit, we’re a little obsessive about polishing. In fact, we polish way more frequently than three times per year! Customers who choose our “Detailed Cleaning” service can expect a lot of furniture polishing to take place! than that!


2. Don’t Cheat Around Pictures & Knick-Knacks

Most people are lucky if they even dust at all these days. But if you do dust, it’s important that you don’t cheat. The most common ways to cheat yourself out of your efforts is to dust around your possessions rather than under and behind them. Yes, it pretty much doubles the amount of time it takes to get your dusting done (trust us, we know all about it!). But it’s worth it.


3. Get Real About Your Wastebaskets

Most people think that by regularly emptying out the trash in their kitchens and bathrooms, they’re handling germs the right way. But we’re here to tell you that no, there’s more to be done in the constant warfare that goes on between homeowners and germs. Those wastebaskets need to be cleaned, too. That means wiping them down by hand, both inside and out to remove as many germs as possible.


4. Wash All the Woodworking Extras

Crown moldings have always been the hallmark of a fine home. But when they’re grimy or serving as anchors for surprisingly large cobwebs, they give a different signal: here’s a spot that hasn’t ever been cleaned.
This is, in fact, another memory that a lot of us have around here: our mothers scrubbing the baseboards until they gleamed sparkling white again. Washing crown molding, baseboards window sills, and lock ledges means you’ve got a deep-cleaned home that won’t scare your guests (or your kids).


5. Keep an Eye on Clutter

There are several reasons to limit clutter in your home. As far as we’re concerned at CMB, the main reason is so you can properly clean your shelves. When there’s so much clutter that it becomes impossible to get under it for cleaning, you’ve got a problem. You see, we like to hand wipe uncluttered shelves – it makes our hearts sing! When we can’t do that because a shelf is just too cluttered, well it makes us sad and we bet it makes you sad, too!


Want to Know More?

Hope these tips are helpful! Passed down through the years, they’ve evolved to stay current with today’s higher standards of living in a non-toxic environment. That means more eco-friendly products to keep you and your family safe, just as we do here at CleaningMaidBeautiful. And if you want your house cleaned the right way, give us a call. We’ll do all this and more!