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Winterizing Your Home

    When the temperature drops, it’s time to turn your attention to making sure your home is ready for winter. Just like your car, your home needs some preparation for the upcoming frost, too. Here are some tips to help make sure your home is cozy, energy-efficient and safe as Old Man Winter makes […]

Tidy Home … Tidy Mind

    A study published in the journal Mindfulness found that participants who engaged in mindfully washing the dishes — meaning they took a moment to inhale the scent of the soap and to allow their skin to absorb the warmth of the water — reported a 27% reduction in nervousness, along with a 25% […]

Make Sure Your House is Not Just Clean but Amazingly Clean

    In our line of work, we get to talk with a lot of homeowners. Just like you, they love the way a beautifully-cleaned home looks. They also love the way they feel when they open a door and it’s fresh and naturally clean. They’ll never get tired of looking at sparkling appliances that […]

7 Reasons to Love Castile, the “Queen of Soaps”

    Castile soap is a highly-effective, biodegradable, vegetable-based soap. Traditionally made from 100% pure olive oil, it has more household uses than any other substance we can think of. It’s called the Queen of Soaps because the Queen of Castile, Spain, reportedly would use no other cleaner in her royal beauty routine. Of course, […]