team member Jess

Typical You

Enjoys spending time outdoors and looking for new and exciting places to visit.

Past Itineraries

Finishing college and getting my bachelor's degree. I also wish to join the military in the future.

Finds Beautiful

Art and nature. I also love big cities and skyscrapers.

Gets her up in the morning

Fear of missing an opportunity.

Passionate About

Music and art have been a big part of my day-to-day life since I was a small child.

Guilty Pleasure

Lazy Sundays.

Most Proud Of

Being the first.

Favorite Era and Why

1920's because of the art.

You have just one box for all of your belongings, what would you put in it

My 2 cats, my favorite blanket, and my cell phone.

Favorite Quote

"No one can make you feel inferior without you consent."

- Eleanor Roosevelt