7 Reasons to Love Castile, the “Queen of Soaps”

    Castile soap is a highly-effective, biodegradable, vegetable-based soap. Traditionally made from 100% pure olive oil, it has more household uses than any other substance we can think of. It’s called the Queen of Soaps because the Queen of Castile, Spain, reportedly would use no other cleaner in her royal beauty routine.

Of course, here at Cleaning Maid Beautiful, we’re interested in how it keeps homes naturally clean and germ-free. It’s our favorite product and if it’s fit for a Queen, that sounds about right for our customers, too!

Here are seven reasons to love Castile Soap for keeping your home clean.

1. It’s Made of Natural Ingredients

The number one reason to use Castile soap to clean your home is that it’s made of natural ingredients that won’t harm you, your pets, or your furnishings.


2. Celebrity Wellness Gurus Approve

Celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson, both known for their healthy, natural lifestyles (and their glowing skin), use Castile soap — for cleansing their skin. Natalie Portman is also a fan, as is Bobbi Brown, pre-eminent makeup queen and founder of the “natural look” and author of multiple books on beauty.

If Castile soap is good enough as a skin cleanser for wellness gurus like these women, it’s safe enough for your home, wouldn’t you say?


3. Even the Environmental Working Group Has High Praise for Castile Soap

The EWG absolutely loves this soap, giving it the highest rating possible in every category. If you’re not familiar with the EWG, it’s the unofficial champion of healthy living, wellness, and awareness. They monitor consumer products and rate them according to toxicity levels in the ingredients.

Castile soap registers as having absolutely no concern, up there with things like coconut oil, citric acid, and water. Not even pine soap rates that high!


4. It’s Completely Pet-Friendly in Every Way

There’s a lot to be said for household cleaning products that don’t pollute the air. As awareness grows about the dangerously high levels of toxins that get released into the air when people clean, more are choosing safe products. That’s bad news not just for you but also for your pets.

But even products that don’t harm the indoor air quality aren’t necessarily 100% pet-friendly.

When choosing products, it’s also a good idea to consider what they’re made of. A non-toxic kitchen counter cleaner that’s made of animal fats isn’t really that kind when it comes to the animal world.

Castile soaps are made of vegetable oil, which makes them not only safe to use but also “safely sourced”. Your pets won’t know the difference but you certainly will!


5. It’s Powerful and Effective Yet Amazingly Gentle

When it comes to “powerful, yet gentle”, there’s really no comparison. Castile soap can whip your kitchen into shape, put a sparkle on your bathroom, and leave nary a trace of irritant or anything that would harm even the most sensitive skin.

In fact, people use it to clean their face,


6. And Yes… It Does Remove Bacteria!

We know the “dilemma” that you might be facing: you want a naturally clean home that’s safe for your family and your pets. But you also want to keep everyone safe from bacteria. That’s one reason that “anti-bacterial” cleaning products have been all the rage.

Did you know that the FDA has banned Triclosan and other ingredients commonly found in antibacterial and antimicrobial products? In fact, there’s a growing body of evidence that antibacterial products are actually causing a super strain of superbugs that’s resistant to antibacterial agents!

The crazy part is that you don’t need these harmful products to keep your home safe from harmful products. According to the CDC, antibiotic resistance is one of the worst public health concerns of the 21st century!

Soap alone is enough to remove bacteria. It won’t kill the bacteria but the surfactant properties of Castile soap actually remove not only bacteria but germs, too. And here’s one final kicker: antibacterial agents don’t even remove the bacteria! They simply kill it and leave it there on your counters, your toilets, and everywhere else in the house. Yes, germ carcasses all over your home.


7.  It’s Environmentally (& Vegan) Friendly

The natural ingredients found in Castile soap are simple. There’s no animal fat, making it vegan-friendly as well.


A Final Word on the Queen of Soaps

Here at Cleaning Maid Beautiful, we’re all about living a healthy, toxin-free life — and that goes for your family as well as our own. The products we use in your home are the same products we use in our own homes, with a set of healthy, clean standards. Our products aren’t just toxin-free but also vegan, pet-friendly, and kind to the earth as well. Want to learn more about the products we use? We’re here for a quick chat any time!